Our Programs

Individual. Groups can consist of 3-4 in life skills- and 15 in theater class. Enlightenment of self- discovery happens by:
Creating plays using Improvisational Integrated music/drama (IIMD)
Playing Instruments
Creating artwork
Basic Ipad / text/speak
Life skills: caters to the individual and group needs. This includes:
Cooking class
Bed making and more
Gardening: Participants will learn how to sow their own seeds. Together we will cultivate a healing garden.

Life Letters

“Healing words wrapped in love”. Life letters are each “handmade” grandiose letters written to children battling cancer in the hospital, or to a Veteran, or a military person serving our country. The letters simply offer prayers, good wishes and vibrations of love. These letters are designed so that both the “sender “and receiver can experience healing. We call this type of healing “reciprocal healing”. Many of our letters are written by traumatic brain injury survivors and children with special needs.

Life Letters has partnered with John’s Hopkins Children’s Hospital, and Vets to Vets. Two organizations that are helping connect with those in need to provide many healing experiences! We are also creating jobs with the help of sponsors, so that individuals who wish to “make” the life letters can do so and get paid!