Our Mission

Lifeline Theater & Art is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization created to provide an outlet for unlocking the potential of children and adults with special needs through integrated theater and arts programs. We use singing, dancing, creating plays, artwork, song writing, poetry and gardening in a safe, nurturing environment while encouraging creative exploration, self expression, socialization and joy. 

Our Philosophy

The healing that occurs is reciprocal. Opening up your heart to another actually brings out the best in you. We will heal the perception that special needs population are not worth our time, and the perception that society views them as “less.” They cannot be less if they have the power to show the best in us. Part of us that changes by opening ourselves up is our “higher self,” a part that exists beyond the ego and transcends the five senses. People with special needs have their own time frame. The truth is, society has no time for them. I have seen healing happen over a period of twelve to fourteen years in traumatic brain injury victims. With the help of physical, occupational, and integrated arts therapies, the brain can relearn how to do many things. Students have taught us amazing lessons. As one student yelled out during class, “Billy, it took me eighteen years to stand up and walk on my own.” This, after a car accident and the metal rod from the steering wheel went through his head! I told him, “The whole world needs to hear that.” We want to reach those individuals and families who have lost hope. To show them what can be accomplished given the time they need. For those thinking they will never stand up again: To know they can find their own power within–the power of their will. We support each other to reach our full potential.

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