Expressions of Appreciation

Michelle’s Story

“I cry my eyes out with gratitude for what you did for Michelle. It is immeasurable. The love, the encouragement and on and on… It is all about believing that your students can be happy, confident and feel good about themselves. Michelle belted out ‘Do You Believe’ which is so significant on many levels— now.

“Billy is literally an extremely talented angel who is directly connected to the hearts of the developmentally disabled population which he teaches. He listens to them, encourages them, inspires them, motivates them, and learns from them. My husband and I always referred to this as ‘Billy Magic.’ His classes are safe zones for everyone to share life stories, private experiences, express themselves and to laugh. It is truly a place to feel part of something much larger and for most of them, this is the only place they can shine. They can be who they really are and feel success; they each possess stardom in Billy’s eyes. He builds so much trust between everyone in his classes and with himself. Creativity on any level is allowed and encouraged. Our daughter, Michelle felt so comfortable with Billy and her classmates that she poured her heart out with feelings that she never expressed before.”

Sterling’s Story

A poem written by Cynthia, Mother of Sterling.

Truth Seeker
Giving Voice to others through music
Living in the present with enthusiasm and joy
The greetings are magical – watching the children and young adults eagerly awaiting for their turn
When Billy greets them the transformation begins
They light up and unite with squeals of delight, high excited tones full of anticipation and laughter
Billy‘s heart is always overflowing with love spilling out onto the students and their parents
Everyone is included in the embrace
Such a privilege,
Such a gift

His greeting to them is the gift that says
I see you
I know you
I love you
I am thrilled to be here with you
My attention is all yours!

These students transform
They now can both rest and become supercharged because they know they will be
Heard and
Understood for the next hour

A Sterling Bachman & Stephanie Angel film—
Directed by Sterling

“My daughter sang— it was the first time I have ever heard her speak.”