• Integrated Theater Arts
  • Creating Plays using Improvisational Integrated as Music/Drama (IIMD)Basic iPad/Text-to-Speak
  • Creating an original story with music, dance and set design.
  • Playing Instruments
  • Performing for family, friends and professionals


  • Creative movement, Music, Dance and Rhythm
  • Song Writing and Poetry
  • Social Stories/Journaling/Bookmaking
  • Creating Artwork
  • Mixed Media Expressive Art

Integrated Theater Arts

Under the leadership of a trained professional, participants experience the joys of “teamwork” in creating an original story with music, dance and set design. A performance for friends, family and professionals, is the culmination of every individual’s contribution to this creative endeavor. 

Creative Movement

Dance or Movement Specialists recognize the impact moving to music makes on body awareness, feelings and confidence. Rhythm is known to be an organizer for the sensory system and can change someone’s mood within minutes. Allowing an individual to dance or move in a way that symbolizes their inner experience is an exciting and fun path to self-discovery.

SongWriting and Poetry

Every person is capable of writing a song or poem. It is a powerful tool for discovering inner feelings that are rarely or never expressed. Together with a trained professional, whether individual or in a group, words are chosen that coincide with ideas, fantasies, observations or feelings, and music is added as a reflection of the mood being expressed. Singing the new song or reading the poem is the ultimate reward in this transformational process.

Improvisational Interactive Music Program

This process allows the participants the opportunity to play instruments, dance, sing familiar or original songs and come together as a unified group within a shared musical experience. Anyone can be part of the group, no matter what level of functioning they are capable of. 

Social Stories/Journaling/Bookmaking

Everyone has a story! When organizing ideas with individuals in order to create a completed book, it helps that person see their life more objectively and provides opportunities of reflection and understanding. Journaling is a way to gather ideas and information and see the process of change and growth that takes place when thoughts are written down. Bookmaking is possible at any age, for any person, no matter what issues may stand in their way of communication. 

Mixed Media Expressive Art

This program allows the participant to explore all the ways in which color and form can be used to reflect feelings and mood. Whether through painting, drawing, collage or sculpture, using their medium of choice leads to a fun, interactive and rewarding experience. This is a process only group, which means there is no particular “product” that has to be completed. Freedom of expression means anything is possible!

Lifeline Learning Programs

Beginning Programs offer a non-judgemental environment where all participants can enjoy opportunities to express themselves — by singing, dancing playing instruments.

Next Level Programs offer lessons in singing, piano, guitar, creative art, writing and performing.

Life Letters

These are handmade, grandiose letters written to children battling cancer in the hospital, a Veteran, or a military person serving our country. The letters offer prayers, good wishes, and vibrations of love. They are designed so that both the “sender” and receiver can experience healing. We call this type of healing “reciprocal healing.” Many of our letters are written by traumatic brain injury survivors and children with special needs.

Life Letters has partnered with John’s Hopkins Children’s Hospital and Vets to Vets. Two organizations that help connect with those in need to provide many healing experiences. We are also creating jobs with the help of sponsors, so that individuals who wish to make the life letters can do so and get paid!

“Healing Words Wrapped in Love”

Our classes and programs cater to the individual and group needs.

Small Groups

Groups of 3 or 4



Large Classes

Up to 35 people

Creating Plays Using IIMD
Musical Instruments 1-on-1
Creating Artwork in groups
Time with Local Animals
Creating Plays in a Large Theater Class
Musical Instruments in Small Groups
Creating Plays on Stage
Musical Instruments in Class

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