MONDAY, AUGUST 2nd, 2021

The thing you notice right away when a group of special needs persons come together to sing, to dance and play instruments is that everyone is smiling. It’s an hour or two of pure joy for everyone fortunate enough to spend some time in their company. After the concert or the class your face may be sore from smiling.

This is essentially the scene that Lifeline Theater Art wants to recreate and reenact over and over again for as many special needs individuals as possible. Currently, Lifeline leads these and other programs for more than 300 individuals each week. We also host a mini concert series and other events.

Lifeline Theater & Arts is growing. We are expanding our programs and searching for a new home base for the Lifeline Theater Art Center to be able to stage more concerts and plays and reach more individuals. Your contributions to this fund will help us reach that goal.

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