Up Up and Away

It’s been a long eighteen months, and like most everyone during the pandemic, Lifeline Theater had to adjust to serious disruptions in our family, social and business lives. We believe that we are finally on the right side of the pandemic, and we’re happy to report things are looking up!

First, the number of requests for in person classes from client agencies and new agencies as well, is steadily growing. This is great news because once again we can be with and interact with the individuals we love and who inspire us.

We are also actively pursuing a permanent home for the Lifeline Theater Arts Center. This is our highest priority, and progress on it has been encouraging. We believe we can open a Center within the next six months.

Additionally, we are reaching out to agency partners to explore the potential of developing programs and other innovations that can help all of us to unlock the potential of children and adults with special needs. Lastly, we’ve made organizational changes including the appointment of a new Executive Director and expanding our outreach and volunteer programs.

These activities and others are helping us to close 2021 on a strong note and head into 2022 with promise and high hopes. As always, we stand by our motto, Do the Most Good, by striving to maximize the effectiveness of our resources to better serve our community.

These are exciting times for Lifeline Theater and we sincerely hope that you too are returning to the more familiar way of life with family and friends.

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