Lifeline Theater Art is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization created to provide an outlet for unlocking the potential of children and adults with special needs through theater and arts programs. Lifeline was founded by Bill and Laura Ayres in 2014 to increase awareness and support for the programs Billy has been producing for more than 20 years in and around New York & Connecticut.

We use singing, dancing, creating plays, artwork, song writing, poetry and gardening in a safe, nurturing environment while encouraging creative exploration, self expression, socialization and joy. 

Each individual is free to interact and learn what they like or don’t like; session to session their special talents emerge as does a growing recognition of the self.

We invite you to learn more about Lifeline Theater – our programs, our beliefs and aspirations, the individuals we serve and how they inspire us.

Art and Disabilities

There’s a feeling of joy derived from participating in activities such as music, dance groups, theater, and creative arts. Getting involved with art has a powerful effect. It can help manage disabilities and also act as a pathway to recovery.

Arts in general such as music, dance, visual and performing arts, literature, painting and poetry help the brain to be engaged and busy. The activity encourages creativity, it helps individuals express themselves and also channel their emotions without having to use words.

It creates the feeling of belonging: more often than not people living with disabilities tend to feel alienated, but by getting involved in art programs people make social connections. Social interactions help improve mood and of course general well being.

Art can be used as a non medical approach to prevention and treatment of mental problems. It could help save money in health service and social care. You can substitute an hour with a therapist with art. Making art helps people attain some level of independence and curiosity thereby improving the quality of life.

Art creates an avenue for self exploration. Art can help people with disabilities connect to an inner identity. Through this one can overcome the negativity that burdens their daily/physical experiences.

By engaging in art, people with disabilities can express themselves, contribute to their community and help smother stereotypes about disabilities.

“I’m Possible” A young boy’s dream

“I’m Possible” is the story of a young boy who has a dream to join the circus. He confronts a world full of challenges and through a death defying, awe inspiring, madcap circus adventure discovers the strength, courage and perseverance that changes his life forever.

The Omnium Theater is a non-for-profit organization with a diverse and talented cast of performers of all abilities. Please support Omnium Theater for their celebration of the human spirit and inspiring healthier communities through shared positive experiences.

This Day and Every Day

Sterling is a bright blazing light !! a glorious soul of love, he is filled with delight, wonder, beauty and brilliance. Poetry is one of his many talents. 

For Billy Ayres, the founder of Lifeline Theater and Arts, “It has been one of the great honors of my life to work with Sterling.”

Our Incredible Volunteers

In the Spring of 2021 Lifeline Theater & Arts set out to upgrade its digital presence. We knew we had to refresh our aging website and we wanted to boost engagement on social media beyond a Facebook profile.

As a small nonprofit our problem was that we had neither the skills nor resources to cover the work these projects would entail. In discussing this with a long time supporter of Lifeline Theater we discovered VolunteerMatch a platform connecting volunteers with nonprofit organizations.

We have had the great good fortune of working with High School and College age volunteers who have helped remake our online presence by redesigning our website, creating and moderating Instagram and Twitter accounts, and developing a new Facebook profile.

Their work has been invaluable in promoting Lifeline’s mission, and for that we are most grateful. But it’s more than volunteering their time and talents that make them special — these young men and women are kind, selfless and smart.

Thank you KATHLEEN, SUNNY, VARSHINI, JONATHAN, STEPHANIE and SARAH, you are a source of inspiration and give us hope for a better world for all of us.

Check out our Instagram

For more photos and videos like the ones below please head over to our new Instagram account, HERE.  We have some wonderful volunteers helping us program the social media channels and we would love to hear your comments on Instagram or feel free to contact us at If you would like to volunteer or donate to Lifeline please SUPPORT Us.

Billy and everyone at Lifeline Theater & Arts we want to acknowledge our agency colleagues and thank you for the wonderful work you do for the special needs children and adults in our communities. You deserve the support of all us. We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

A New Billy Interview

Jay’s Reel World welcomes Billy Ayres as our guest. Billy went from a professional music career, recording with top stars to finding his passion as a music therapist working with children and adults with autism and traumatic brain injuries. He is the founder of Lifeline Theatre, Inc.

Jay’s Reel World

From Our Friends at Bitty & Beau’s Coffee

We teamed up with our friends at Visit Magnolia to make this Surprise Hire in Waco, TX a night to remember! Welcome to the Bitty & Beau’s Coffee family!

Watch the celebration here!

Photos from our June 12th concert

Incredible performances
Founder Billy Ayres thanking attendees
Some more moments from “A Musical Performance”

“A Musical Performance”

SATURDAY, June 12th, 2021

THANK YOU to those who attended our fundraiser and to those who donated! Read more.

More About Us

Lifeline Theater is a non-profit organization created to provide an outlet for unlocking the potential of children and adults with special needs through integrated theater and arts programs. We use singing, dancing, creating plays, artwork and language arts. We help participants realize their own strengths and potential contributions to their communities.

“Our daughter felt so comfortable with Billy and her classmates that she poured her heart out with feelings that she never expressed before.”

Lifeline Theater Community Member

Theater & Arts Programs

Ways to Support

Lifeline Theater is growing and we could use your help. We have current needs for volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Marketing / Communications
  • Social Media / PR
  • Fundraising / Events
  • Research / Grants
  • Website Administration

Interested? Email us at

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